Match Winner

Match Winner

Even if you have very little knowledge of tennis as a sport, you can probably understand what this wager is all about. The bettor is required to simply pick the player that will ultimately win the match. At the beginning of the match, there are odds set based on who is the better player, their head to head records, the surface they are playing on, etc. As the match progresses, the live odds will change based on how the score is developing. Obviously, whichever player moves into the lead early on will see the odds swing into their favor. For example, a bet online in usa on a player to win the match after he or she has won the first set would pay less than a bet placed at the start of the match. By the same token, a bet placed on the player who lost the first set would see a higher return if that player came back to win the match.
There are a few scenarios to look for when placing live match winner wagers that present the best value. Consider the following three situations:

Favored player loses first set

This is the most likely place to find value in a live match winner wager. If one player in the match is heavily favored at the start, but loses the first set, you can get much better odds wagering after that set is complete. Unless there is an obvious injury or problem with the better player, there still remains a good chance they will pull through for the win.

Underdog gets an early break

This tip is especially appropriate for three set matches (as opposed to the five set men’s match at Slams). If you think the underdog might have a good chance in the match, watch the first few games closely. If the lower ranked player manages an early break in the first set, that is a good time to get in your match winner wager. The odds won’t change very much after just one break, but you will have gotten to see that they can compete and have a real chance to win the match.

Serving Problems

Nothing can send a tennis player home faster than having trouble with their serve. It will eat away at their confidence and they will quickly have trouble holding serve – which is the most important part of pro tennis. If you notice either player seems to be off of their service game early in the match, don’t hesitate to place a match winner bet on the other player.
One thing you don’t ever want to do in a live match winner wager is bet on the underdog after they have won a full set. The odds will have swung back toward that player so you will not get as good of a return on your wager, and you are still backing the lesser player. If you think there might be an upset in a given match, get your wager in early before the odds start to slide back toward even.
Match winner is a great wager to get started with because it’s so simple. You can look over all of the matches on the board and pick out a few that you have an opinion on. Watch them develop for any of the scenarios above and jump in when the opportunity presents itself.
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